The Purpose of this Book and Site is to help heal Victims of PTSD and continue the Conversation of Reform. If we never speak the Truth, How do we ever expect the dialog to begin for Change? The Goal is a better understanding, Which will result in a mutual respect for those who no longer want to be a part of the Problem. Many Minorities are living daily with the pains and symptoms of PTSD due to Injustice. From now on, Now matter what Color, We can no longer turn a Blind Eye. We must all speak our TRUTH4CHANGE! -Joe Jones
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Hello Joe—

Just wanted to let you know that really enjoyed “The Tragic Life of a Black LA Cop.” I bought the book from you a couple of Saturdays ago, when my wife and I were enjoying some BBQ at The Wood. I could tell immediately you had a warm and wise spirit and I knew the book would be worthwhile. I found it illuminating, disturbing, heartwarming, and heart-wrenching all at once.

The insights on Chris Dorner were especially insightful. That tragic story is still so vivid and I thought I knew it well. At the time, he was simply branded a pyscho cop gone murderously bad. While certainly his actions can never be justified, his experience of mistreatment and being targeted was barely reported by any of the news outlets.

As we agreed the night I met you, even a tiny fraction of bad cops being permitted to remain on the job can lead to horrible consequences. And Dorner’s parallels to your own experience with the LAPD system were chilling.

I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you to access and articulate so many of these tragic stories. You’ve travelled a rocky road, and somehow handled more injustices I can imagine. As a Caucasian man, I struggle to understand the plight of persons of color and the underprivileged.

Our society has so many ingrained inequalities, but I’d like to think we will keep trying to overcome our disparities. I grew up in the 1960s and was witness to significant societal change for the better. It’s a painful process but one with the highest calling. As I tell my kids, we must continue to engage, despite the rampant frustrations and apparent unfairness in the system. We can always do better.

Again, thanks for writing the book as well as the time and dedication you put into your time as a police officer. I wish you continued success on your mission to make the world a better place.

May God bless,
Peter Hammersly

“If We’re Honest, It Give’s Us A Chance To Heal!” —Joe Jones